Bathroom Facelift

Wall storage. That’s all I have to say if your bathroom is lacking cabinets like mine. This wall storage unit with rustic wicker baskets from Pier 1 is perfect for storing your soaps, lotions, makeup, hair products – you name it. It’s sturdy, it’s durable. And it’s beautiful! It basically is a mantle above my whirlpool tub instead of a fireplace. It doubles with hooks for towels also. Notice how I put a wreath above to draw the eye upward towards the ceiling – elongating the wall… not to mention, I am a sucker for wreaths. And no – they are not just for doors! Complete with a few touches of a picture of my fiance and I on the day I said “Yes,” a woven basket from the market in Downtown Charleston filled with hand lotions, candle pillars, and a bath salt / candle duo from Pottery Barn called “Milk.” The sign is from Hobby Lobby – love that place. Love Song of Songs 6:3.bathroom


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