Beautiful Mess: The Mind of a Designer

My house is sometimes messy. You can ask my fiance just how badly it bothers me, too. If I had it my way, everything would be put exactly in its place all the time. Every room at any given time would look like the cover of a Southern Home magazine. But the reality is that magazine covers are staged. What I mean by that is an exceptional amount of time has been spent deciding where specific objects needed to be placed in order to create the look or the effect desired.

S –  styled 12219512_947080308706296_1043195564101964536_n

T – tampered

A – adjusted

G – geared

E – edited

D – designed

(FYI this picture is completely unstaged… Yes, I am offering my Starbucks to the Percheron in Charleston)

When I spend an exceptional amount of time deciding where to put my precious junk that I had way too much pleasure shopping for, it’s usually while I’m drinking vanilla flavored coffee from a Keurig cup while watching House Hunters, pinning color samples on Pinterest… in my pajamas. Typical girl moment, right? Messy bun, no makeup, sprawled out on the couch – completely unstaged Lindsay.

You must know the pictures I put on here are STAGED! My house does not look like this all the time. If you think I have a dozen roses sitting on my coffee table with a black and white Kate Spade planner angled at exactly 75 degrees all day every day… well, I wish you were right.

However, if there is one thing that fails to ever change – it’s that damn mismatched sock whose habitat is my master bedroom floor. I don’t know how it gets there. I pick it up. I walk away feeling accomplished. I come back. It’s still in the floor.

Looking at me.

I may sound psychotic here and to be honest, the sock makes me feel that way sometimes.

Congratulations, sock – you win.

It is important to understand that when you are a complete mess sitting on your couch scrolling through all the pretty images on Pinterest and you feel that your space is somehow inadequate to those pictures. Always remember – they are staged (styled, tampered, adjusted, geared, edited, and designed for a certain look). Life is not staged. Life is messy, beautiful, and completely unstaged. Like that sock that has a relationship with my bedroom floor.

In order to achieve that desired look or that staged look, you have to get messy with ideas. It’s all about trial and error… sometimes just error. But it makes your space that much more rewarding when you finally reach your nirvana.


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