DIY house decor projects over the holidays… Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017! 

The holidays brought some wonderful time to decorate the house. Our bedroom got a facelift with this beautiful mosaic from Pier 1… it compliments our talc colored tufted headboard and grey and cream bedding. 

I was also able to tackle the giant walls in our foyer with a wall gallery… filled with some of my favorite pictures, signs and a beautiful mirror passed down to me from my great grandparents. 

And I was finally able to frame this beautiful artwork I brought back from our honeymoon in Key West at Earnest Hemmingway’s home. If you look closely, there are cats in this painting. Hemingway was a cat lover like myself and had around 50 cats at his dreamy estate! One of my favorite things to do is bring back art from places I visit. This is one of my favorites. Thanks to Hobby Lobby for the white vintage frame… trying to channel that French Cottage look. 


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