Wall Galleries Galore!

One of my favorite decorating strategies is configuring a wall gallery. There are no rules – just try to create a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing. Take your favorite things and mix them in with family photos or some pretty plates. I think people forget that plates can be hung on walls as art instead of being used for dining. Not only are they circular, but they are 3 dimensional, adding variety to an otherwise dimensionless wall.

Places to consider when looking for unique artwork for your home – World Market has some great pictures that have been printed on canvases. Anthropologie has some truly beautiful appetizer size plates in a variety of patterns or animals, if you fancy. Pier 1 is a favorite of mine but they are pricey on some items. If you see something you like and it’s not on sale, just wait because it will eventually get there and you’ll kick yourself for spending full price on it. Another comparable store to Pier 1 is Kirklands and they are very reasonable on pretty much everything in their store. If I find something I like at Pier 1 (Or, God forbid, Pottery Barn – REALLY can’t afford that unless it’s 110% off!) I look for something like it at Kirklands.

When I travel, instead of getting a typical suvenir, i try to find art of some kind. Traveling is my favorite thing to do in life and when I’m at home, I love being reminded of where I’ve been. Plus, it’s just cool having something you can’t go run out and buy at Target. Sometimes, I’ll catch myself wondering if my grandchildren might treasure some of this stuff once it’s considered “vintage.” To be honest, my house is full of vintage pieces of art AND furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation. There’s something beautiful about breathing new life into something that’s been in a storage unit for who knows how long.

If you can’t tell, I’m a dog lover and I try to incorporate pups into any and all decor I can. When people come over I want them to know that a very handsome standard poodle puppy named Rupert has stolen our hearts (and our walls). 


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